Studies Language and Culture Studies, St Clare’s Hall, Oxford, England Degree in Modern Languages and Education, Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá Postgraduate Studies in Higher Education Management, ASCUN Alta Gerencia – Universidad de la Sabana, Bogotá Masters Degree in Education, Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá Professional Work Art, Art History and English Teacher at Elementary and Middle School (5 years) Professor in the Modern Languages Dept., Universidad Javeriana (2 yeaars) Academic Director, Gimnasio Campestre School (10 years) IB Coordinator (2 years) Dean of the School of Business and Director of the International Relations Office, CESA University, Bogotá (10 years) President of UNICA, Bilingual University in Colombia, No. 1 Teacher’s College the country (12 years to the present) Other responsibilities Board Member EDUEMPLEA (2 years) Member of the Directive Board of Gimnasio Campestre School (For 30 years to present) Member of the Board of the Foro de Presidentes de Empresas - Bogotá (2009-2015) Coordinator of the Mesa Nacional de Bilingüismo - Ministry of Education, (2 years) Consultant and Advisor National Ministry of Education- Colombia Universidad Católica de Chile Lecturer National and international lectures in subjects related with Teacher Education, Bilingual Education and Bilingual Educational Environments. Other Founder, co-owner of EDUEMPLEA, offers education for the workplace