In 2012, Elad applied to Sloan, quit his job at General Electric, and then spent six months coding a test-prep app that would eventually become Prep4GMAT (now called Ready4GMAT). The app went live on the iOS app store the first day he started studying at Sloan, and has since evolved into Ready4, a leading mobile learning company with test prep apps for the GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, and MCAT. Elad developed the app due his own personal difficulties with the GMAT. Through advancements in learning algorithms and smart design, Elad’s apps have transformed the way millions of students around the world study for high stakes entrance exams. Elad’s products have helped over 1M students to get the score they need and get into the schools they want. The products have revolutionized mobile learning by creating personalized and accessible mobile apps that are available worldwide. Elad’s vision is to democratize learning by allowing everyone regardless of location, economic situation, and learning style to have access to a best in class mobile learning solution.